I wanted to create a vault filled with beautifully creations. Keepsake jewelry to be treasured and loved forever.

I see THEVAULT15 as a melting pot of cultural and artisan influences, overlayed with contemporary design directions.

Caroline Ost


THEVAULT15 embodies bold contemporary and effortless style, envisioned by our creative director Caroline Ost.  

Designed in London, created by hand in our atelier in Germany, our fine jewelry collection is produced with the highest quality and craftsmanship. 

At THEVAULT15, we only use ethically sourced diamonds and the highest quality of pearls, known for their exceptional lustre, value and rarity. Each piece is selected and created with care by our artisans.

Each collection begins with Caroline immersing herself in another world from ancient Japanese mythology to contemporary culture to discover new ways of expressing beauty.