Pearls are an exquisite natural treasure of the sea, found in a spectrum of colors. At THEVAULT15, we use only the highest quality signature pearls, known for their exceptional lustre, value, and rarity. Each pearl is selected with care by our artisans.

  • Akoya_White_Pearl


    Classic white pearls with beautiful rose, silver, and cream overtones. The smallest of its type, known for superb lustre, a consistent round shape, found in the seas of Japan and China. 

  • Tahiti_Black_Pearl


    Mystical exotic pearls with a remarkable color range covering the spectrum - from light, creamy white, and grey to regal greens, iridescent peacock, and deep black, found in the seas of Tahiti and French Polynesia.


    Ranging in silky deep golden tones, Golden South Sea pearls are considered the most rare, largest and most valuable pearls in the world, found in the seas of Australia and the Philippines.