The origin of our diamonds is strictly controlled. They come from legitimate sources in accordance with the United Nations' Kimberley Process, making them ethically sound.
Furthermore, each individual diamond from a size of 0.25 carats is accompanied by an authenticity certificate, and for diamonds of a size of 0.5 carats and above, we provide a certificate from an independent diamond institute such as GIA or HRD.

  • Diamond_Cut


    The cut of a diamond is the only criterion that can be influenced by human hands. It is considered the ultimate skill and discipline. Only the perfect cut allows the diamond to reflect incoming light with the highest brilliance.

    Apart from our Bespoke jewelry pieces we usually use a “brilliant - cut” with 56 facettes to ignite the fire of each diamond.

  • Diamond_Color


    The color of a diamond is determined using a finely differentiated letter scale, ranging from "D" (colorless) to "Z" (heavily tinted). The average standard of our diamonds is “G," which means they are classified as fine white or higher.

  • Diamond_Clarity


    Almost every natural diamond has inclusions that can affect its brilliance and value. Our diamonds begin with "SI" (small inclusions) grade, which means that the inclusions are only visible under 10x magnification using a loupe and a highly trained eye. These natural characteristics contribute to the individuality and beauty of each diamond.

  • Diamond_Carat


    The term "carat" comes from the Arabic word "Qirat", which means "carob seed". For a long time, carob seeds were used as counterweights for gold and gemstones because they consistently weigh 0.2 grams each.
    To this day, 1.00 carat is equivalent to this weight.