THEVAULT15 jewelry pieces are created using exceptional gemstones and pearls, selected individually for their aesthetic quality and rarity by our artisans.

Even in the best care, jewelry can come loose, a stone falls out, or it gets scratched.

Before wearing your jewelry, check that nothing has become loose.If so, a service check-up may be necessary. If you require a check-up, contact us at, and we will be delighted to help you.

Pearls are organic gemstones, vulnerable to acid, alkaline, and humidity extremes. To preserve your pearls' beautiful radiance, always put your pearls on after applying your make-up and perfume. Before returning your pearls to your jewelry box, wipe them with a soft cloth.

Our enamel-covered jewelry is shock-sensitive. We recommend putting your enamel jewels in a separate jewelry box and wrapping each piece with a soft cloth when traveling to avoid chipping.